Smart Home Solutions
Smart Home Solutions

QMotion specialise in providing unique and innovative window covering solutions for the home. The company specialises in wire free window treatment solutions with all the benefits of a wired solution but without the need for a qualified electrician to install 240v wiring. The QMotion solution requires no wiring at all.

For the first time the user has the ability to install a fully functional, quiet, motorised shading system that is entirely wireless. The blind can be operated via remote control or by smart phone or tablet using the QMotion app. The user can remotely operate their blinds individually or simultaneously, by room, by elevation and by floor.

Control options include compatibility with well-known AI devices such as the Amazon® Echo Plus. The Alexa app allows the user to set up schedules and routines whereby the blinds automatically raise and lower. The user can therefore be assured that whilst they are away from the property or room the blinds will continue to operate, providing glare and heat gain control whilst at the same time offering a superior level of privacy and security.

If you are looking at a new building and have the ability to provide power wiring for QMotion Blinds we offer a Cat 6 wired solution that takes the power and control to the blind at a very low cost to the installer.

100% Wireless

New Build Wired Solution

Remote Control

iPhone / Android

Virtually Silent

Easy Setup

Up to 3 Year Life

Home Automation Friendly


Up to 3 Year Battery life

QMotion Blinds are built with patented counter balancing spring technology, which provides a type of hybrid power to work alongside the readily available and low cost recyclable D cell alkaline batteries that sit within the roller tube assembly. This patented technology means that you simply and easily remove and replace your batteries every 6 to 36 months depending on size and use of the QMotion Blind.

Virtual Occupancy – Home Automation

Set timers and schedules on your home automation or an Amazon® Echo Plus system. The QMotion blinds will then automatically lower and raise when you’re away from the property. It’s no problem if you forget to set the schedules as you can operate the blinds when you are away from the property via an app.

Safe by design

QMotion Blinds come in an endless range of colours and finishes, but when buying blinds for your home, you must consider the way they are operated. A blind which is safe by design is one that is cordless or has concealed or tensioned cords. QMotion roller blinds are cordless by design.

Unmatched quietness

QMotion engineers developed a blind with quiet operation for a beautiful and peaceful experience. It’s no longer the standard to have to accept noisy blind motors that can wake you up or stop a conversation when they operate.

Small Edge Gaps

QMotion Blinds are designed with industry leading small edge gaps from fabric to wall. The Roller blind offers 13mm gaps each side whereas the Roman blind is only 4mm each side. Other normal motorised systems have off set or larger edge gaps.

Lost your remote?

Not a problem! QMotion have a patented manual override feature which allows the blind to be moved by hand without the need for a remote control. Simply give the blind a gentle pull to get them started.


Please download the brochure attached to suit your requirements. We have many systems and ways of controlling QMotion Blinds so please feel free to contact us on +44 (0) 1908 047980 should you have any queries