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The look you want

QMotion offer several choices to customise your blind: Aluminium clip on Fascia to conceal the top of the roller blind. Available in varying colour choices or customise to match a unique RAL colour which complements the design of your interiors.

Side Channels & Sill Angle

Two-piece tilt out design (for battery powered) or stationary side channels (wired powered) allows for easier installation in window recess or wall; A great way of closing off the 13mm light gaps and achieve almost 95% blackout when used with a blackout fabric.

The design you need

Standard roll blinds have the fabric rolling off the back of the roll while reverse roll blinds come off the front of the blind roll and are further away from the glazing, this may be required for design purposes or to permit the blind to lower clear of window obstructions.


QMotion specialise in providing wireless window covering solutions for the home. Traditional motorised window coverings require a qualified electrician to install 240v power wiring for the blind motor whereas the QMotion solution requires no wiring at all. The user can remotely operate their blinds individually or simultaneously, by room, by elevation and by floor.


If you are looking to install QMotion Blinds into a new building and you can provide cabling, we offer a Cat 6 solution that takes the power and control to the blind at a very low cost to the installer. Our wired blinds have quiet motors, manual override feature and the ability to control the blinds over remote, third party home automation system or the Amazon® Echo Plus.

QBasic+ Manual

The manual QBasic+ system is a counterbalanced manual shading system that offers a smooth lift experience and low required pull force. The QBasic+ gives end users multiple options, including mounting the lift chain on either the left or right side and installing the blinds in either standard roll or reverse roll where blinds are further out for easy bypass of obstructions.

Customisation by you

Choose from our assortment of remote controls. As our programming is simple, all blinds arrive ready to “learn” to your remotes. Control a single blind or a group of blinds, and various groups can be programmed to suit your space.

Smart Home

QMotion Blinds can be controlled through your home automation system, or you can easily add the blinds as a device to an Amazon® Echo Plus without the need for an expensive bridge.

Multiple Stop Positions

QMotion Remotes offer the convenience of moving the blinds up or down, stopping at any of the top, the bottom, four programmable intermediate stops, or anywhere in between; all with the ease of a button press.


Please download the brochure attached to suit your requirements. We have many systems and ways of controlling QMotion Blinds so please feel free to contact us on +44 (0) 1908 047980 should you have any queries


100% Wireless

New Build Wired Solution

Remote Control

iPhone / Android

Virtually Silent

Easy Setup

Up to 3 Year Life

Home Automation Friendly